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My WTB Wishlist!

Jul. 1st, 2018 | 12:00 am

Total Items on WishList: 22
ALL Boxed/Packaged Items; NIB/MIB/MIP
For ALL Plush; Clean, With Tag



Sailor Moon Stars Season:
eternal-pose_zps0e45b6a9.jpg-Eternal Sailor Moon Excellent Pose Doll
mOosXyv0pDrTjvx469WQzjw_zpsbb54c1f3.JPG-Eternal Sailor Moon Princess Stars Figure
tumblr_mjx8ipXva51qivj1oo1_500_zpsdb93cec3.jpg-Eternal Sailor Moon Talking Doll
IMG_3382_zpse3f25bb0.JPG-Sailor Moon Candy Toy Eternal Tiaru (Left)
IMG_3382_zpse3f25bb0.JPG-Sailor Moon Candy Toy Eternal Brooch (Right)
starswand3_zpsf7f2b186.JPG-Sailor Moon Stars Tiaru Extender BOX with card

PGSM (Live Action Sailor Moon) Toys:
hqdefault.jpg-PGSM Sailor Luna Crescent Moon Wand

Sailor Moon World Items:
dollwish_zps7c211606.jpg-Sailor Moon World Musical Doll
6449863915_6050bceb68_z_zpsyv7fajgn.jpg-Sailor Moon World Eternal Nakayoshi Loose Doll
sailormoon-world-musical-limited-edition-figure-toy_zpsd8814b03.jpg-Sailor Moon World Musical Figure

Sailor Moon Channel Items:
s640x480_zps20fa5d51.jpg-Sailor Moon Channel Pin Set

Sailor Moon Gashapons:
bandai_sailor_moon4_6_zps0bb11c03.JPG-Sailor Moon Series 4 Gashapon Set (Excl. Luna)
set5_zps1bed6ac4.jpg-Sailor Moon Series 5 Gashapon Set

Sailor Moon Plush & UFO dolls:
KGrHqMOKpIE7FS-oBBRcgH2Mbg60_12_zps80fa0fb0.jpg-PGSM Sailor Moon UFO Plush Keychain

Sailor Moon Misc. Items:
image_zpsc37d6064.JPG-Sailor Moon R Musical Coach
image_zpsb7e7fea3.JPG-Sailor Moon R Coach
[ NO PICTURE AVAILABLE ] -Sailor Moon PachiPachi Large Playset

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Items:
sailor-moon-pullip-sailor-star-fighter-ltd-ver.jpg-Pullip Sailor Star Fighter
sailor-moon-pullip-sailor-star-healer.jpg-Pullip Sailor Star Healer
sailor-moon-pullip-sailor-star-maker-ltd-ver.jpg-Pullip Sailor Star Maker
Pullip-Super-Sailor-Moon-206.jpg-Pullip Sailor Super Sailor Moon
sailormoon-pullip-queen-serenity-doll2016h.jpg-Pullip Queen Serenity

-Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon


**Images on this page do NOT belong to me (obviously)!**
**They are used only to show what I am looking for.**

Feel free to contact me at: sailormoonchan (AT) gmail (DOT) com

And you can view my feedback here on LiveJournal.
I also sell items on Etsy, Storenvy, eBay and eCrater.